Australia Rules Football

A form of football or rugby has become truly Australian. This game is called Australian football rules. This is a game played between 22 players on the pitch. The objective is to obtain points by passing the ball within the opponent’s goal. There are many ways to score, and the specific rules determine the winner of the game.

Each time a team possesses the ball, the players would move the ball to the opponent’s goal. This is done by hitting the ball, handballing the ball or running the ball. In handling the ball, there are specific rules to be followed. When running with the ball, the player must bounce the ball for each fifteen yards. Throwing the ball is not allowed, and passing is done by punching the ball with their fist to another player. Also, players are penalized when they hold the ball.

This is a contact sport. The team opposite the ball possession must impede the ball carrier from reaching the goal. Players are penalized for bad physical touch, like bootlegging an opponent in the back, tripping or tackling the head of an opposing player. Unlike the other football forms, there is no offside rule. It is often played on a modified cricket pitch with goal posts set up on each end where scores can be made.

The ball is elliptical in shape, larger than a rugby football. The game is played with four quarters, often twenty minutes per quarter. Scoring is done when the ball crosses the opponent’s goal line. This is done through a free kick, and each goal is worth six points. . Another way of scoring is through a behind. This score counts as 1 point when the ball goes through the post for the goal and a behind post or when a footballer sends the goal through the posts with any part of the body aside from the foot. Another way of scoring a behind is through the ball touching any part of an opposing player before going within the goal posts.

The AFL is among the most popular games in the country. Because of the high scoring, fast pace and physical play make the game exciting. So, when in the country, watch a game of Australian football rules to revel in the Aussie way of football.

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